Men's b-ball team makes USCAA 2019 postseason tournament

By Greg Colburn, Communications Coordinator

The Knights are seeded #8 in the USCAA D2 tournament and will face Penn State York on Sunday at 2 p.m. in Uniontown, Pa. Central Station caught up with Knights’ Head Coach Dave Archer via email and got his thoughts on another successful season, his team’s balance and tenacity, and Sunday’s game…

CS: How far has this team come since the beginning of the season? What do you see as some of the biggest improvements?

DA: This team has battled so much adversity… to have the chance to compete at nationals is amazing. This team has grown by leaps and bounds since the first day of winter practices. While there have been many improvements, the biggest thing that stands out is how much fight this team has learned from the beginning to now. From traveling eight hours and playing on the road, to battling some of the best D1 teams, this team has learned how to compete against the best and play at the highest level.

CS: Throughout the season, different players have stepped up. What does that say about the attitude and resilience of the team?

DA: This team, on any given night, can have someone explode. This, by far, is the most balanced team I have ever coached. You can no longer key in on just one person; you have to prepare for a whole team, which makes it difficult for others to scout.

CS: You play a tough road schedule all season long. How does that prepare the team for the tournament?

DA: All year long was for now. We have challenged ourselves in practice and in games. Nationals is about playing your best, but we are prepared to show Knight pride and represent the school with great passion.

CS: Any thoughts about Sunday’s game?

DA: In a tournament setting, Sunday’s game will be about limiting distractions and finding the best game for that day!

Nobody’s perfect, but we will prepare to be as perfect as we can be for one game. Everyone in the tournament is a good team, so we can’t look past anyone in order to reach our goal.

We would like to thank Central Penn administration, the staff and students for all of their support. We plan on showing everyone the true heart of the Knights!