March 2018 Athletes of the Month

By Daylin Davis, Student Reporter

Natalie Richards was selected March’s Athlete of the Month by Coach Kasey Hicks. Richards has been a part of the Knights women's basketball program for two years. She plays as both point guard and shooting guard. Richards is also a part of the women’s soccer team.

When asked how she felt about being nominated for Athlete of the Month, Richards responded, “I was happy to hear I was selected because in high school I was never the favorite. Thank you, Central Penn, for bringing out the best in me.”

Richards is pursuing her degree as an I.T. network and security major. She is from Lancaster, Pa., where she attended Hempfield High School.

High school was rough for Richards. She was cut from the soccer team and did not see the floor as much as she would have liked on the basketball team.

“Coach Kasey and Michelle never gave up on me when I came to Central Penn College,” says Richards. “It is because of them I am a better player.”

Outside of school and sports Richards is very busy. She works part-time for T-Mobile, helps teach soccer at youth camps with Coach Ubaldo Murillo and she is a part of Gamma Beta Phi with whom she does a lot of community service work.

I asked Richards how she is able to managed a busy schedule, she replied “I made it my goal to make my mom proud and I will do whatever it takes.”

Richards has earned the Dean’s List three times while attending Central Penn. In the process of achieving her goals, she maintained a GPA of 3.89 in the spring term and 3.78 in the summer term. Last fall term she earned a 3.89 GPA, all while playing sports.

“Natalie is truly a great example of what a student athlete of Central Penn should look like,” says Coach Hicks. “It was a pleasure coaching, and watching her succeed this year.”

Randy DuPont has been named the March Athlete of the Month. DuPont is originally from Harlem, N.Y. He is currently in his sophomore year at Central Penn College, where he is pursuing his bachelor’s degree in accounting.

DuPont is in his second season on the Knights men’s basketball team. He was named team captain by Coach David Archer and teammates, and is a starter at the shooting guard position.

In the game against Buffalo University, DuPont recorded 20 points, 4 rebounds and 3 steals. Against University Maryland Eastern Shore he added 21 points and scored 16 points versus Cornell University.

“I'm honored and grateful to be selected as athlete of the month,” says DuPont. “I will continue to strive to be great on and off the floor.”

Outside of school and sports, DuPont says he is usually hanging out with family and friends. He enjoys playing video games, and working out at the gym.

“I watched Randy DuPont increase his game from last year,” says Coach Archer. “He has a bright future ahead of him.”

DuPont is well known around Central Penn. He loves how friendly everyone is on campus, and how convenient it is to connect with professors.

“My goals are to be the best student athlete I can be and to continue to make my family proud,” says DuPont.